About Us

Our company has over 30 years of combined experience in the cybersecurity space, in multiple industries.

Our principals are:

Nathan Sterrett, CISSP
Nathan Sterrett has 15 years of experience in IT and 7 years of security experience. He is currently responsible for cybersecurity polices, program level documents for the technical NERC CIP standards, cybersecurity incident response, and password management systems in the electric utility industry. He is a cybersecurity subject matter expert for regulatory audits and with public utility commissions. Nathan has previously worked in higher education.

Marcus Noel, CISSP
Marcus A. Noel possesses 15 years experience in IT and 10 years of security experience. He is an architect of the SIEM technology and related tools behind security operations centers as well as being a primary SME for security investigation, incident response, and overall security strategy. Marcus has worked in Security Governance and Assessments in both the Energy and Financial sectors. Marcus began his security career in higher education.

Ron Ross, CISSP
Ron has 22 years experience in Information Technology, 16 years within the cybersecurity space. Ron has been responsible for enterprise cybersecurity programs, governance and NERC CIP standards compliance activities, as well as numerous cybersecurity projects in the electric utility industry. Ron has worked in cybersecurity operations, governance, assessments and incident response in the financial, retail and manufacturing industries.